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4 Essential Bathroom Remodelling Tips

A remodeled bathroom

Your bathroom isn’t just another room in the house; it’s the perfect place to start your day right and relax afterward. If you’re not happy with the current state of your bathroom, transform to make it luxurious with these effective remodeling ideas:

1. Start with the Fixtures

Before searching for replacements, it’s essential to map out and plan the setting. Choosing large, bulky fixtures for a small space will make everything look crammed. You can opt for a square or rectangular shape bathtub, depending on the availability of space.  

Skip the old-fashioned curtains and spruce up your space with stylish and practical shower doors or tub enclosures. These have gained enormous popularity in hotels and modern residential bathrooms. We’d recommend sliding glass doors for a smaller space and French doors for bigger rooms. 

 2. Mirror Illusions

A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror, and we believe the bigger it is, the better! Oversized mirrors give the illusion of a larger space, especially if they’re placed opposite a window. The natural light will reflect off the glass and move back into space, giving the room a bright vibe.

Luxury bathrooms tend to have an eye-catching piece as their focal point. Choose a mirror with a trendy finish to elevate your bathroom look; they make a strong style statement and add drama.

A remodeled bathroom with warm lights and fancy mirrors

3. Lighting Options

Lighting is key when it comes to interiors. If you want to add some depth and richness, pick warm tones. For modern or minimalistic styles, cooler tones will work best, giving a clean look. Luxury bathrooms usually have over-the-top lights like a chandelier for that added effect. If you’re looking to add glamour and style to your contemporary space, spotlights near the mirror will do just the trick. 

4. Toiletries On Display

You don’t need matching accessory sets for your toiletries. Add a personal touch to your bathroom by using fancy glass bottles or dispensers. If you have a knack for painting, throw on some color for a personalized touch. Don’t hide your toiletries in a cabinet; display them on vanity trays to add to the overall theme. 

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