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Transform Your Work Area into a Homey Environment

Nothing enables one to think and work better than a comfortable working environment. Especially if you have a sedentary job, you’ve got to have little knick knacks around that will enliven your spirits or which you can look at for inspiration or just to zone out in relaxation.
If you have a desk, spruce it up with a lamp that gives off just enough light and has some motifs that will bring pleasant memories. You could have fairy-tale-like mushroom LED lights that give off a coloured glow. Or go back to the Victorian Age with a rose-designed lampshade. A beadwork lampshade will create beautiful iridescence.

Quiz time… Which knick knack will definitely remind you of home? Picture frames–of course with those loving family pictures in them. You could have a little white chapel house a picture of you and your spouse on your wedding day. A cottage window frame will bring a little bit of home in as will a miniature garden seat whose backrest features space for your favourite photo.
Or rest in the comfort that your loved ones are perpetually protected with this reminder: a frame with an angel surrounding a picture of your loved one with its flowing robes. Or if there’s no space for picture frames on your desk, get some magnetic ones- -cherubs holding up each family member.

Even if you can’t light them at work, candles and their holders are beauties to the eye, and to the nose if they are made up of scented oils. You could even get the warmth in the lovely knick knack of an apple spice-scented candle with real dried apple slices. These kinds of candles come with real orange slices, real pine needles, coffee beans, seashells, or lavender.
You’ll never miss thanksgiving too much if you have a pumpkin- shaped candle. You could look on the miracle leaf adorning a mushroom candle on your desk when Murphy’s Law seems to be taking hold at work.
Especially if you work the late

shift and you’re at your desk at dinnertime, nothing speaks louder than a dinner bell in the vicinity. Memories of your wife or husband calling out that a warm dinner is waiting will remind you to take a break and be kind to your tummy.

Being stuck in your cubicle for a long day can be demanding. Some knick knacks that will give you inspiration and lighten your load are good to have around. The Footprints in the Sands of Time plaque cum candleholder is excellent to dispel stress. You could use teasers to inspire you to be more productive. How about having a miniature mahogany-finish bedroom set? Flower pots, and decorative at that, offer more than just containers for plants. The combination can bring life to a drab room.

With all these knick knacks sitting around in your office, you might just want to pick up and go to work. But beware…if you want some quiet–these knick knacks could have your colleagues stealing into your studio as well!

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