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7 Bright Ideas for Spring Décor

a designer designs a room after taking a beginner interior designer course

Spring décor is all about fresh color schemes, light room colors, and bright color accents. The ideas for spring décor usually include transforming our home interiors to create colorful, cool, and airy living spaces. If there’s anything that’s great for spring décor, it’s bright color accents, which offer inspiration for vivid summer décor as well.

So refresh the room colors, clean the space, and improve the atmosphere for spring décor and enjoy bright, more spacious rooms. But how? By getting rid of the heavy curtains and clutter and bringing natural, light color and floral designs into the color palette—it’ll look great even in the summer!

We’re sharing a few spring décor ideas that’ll transform your interiors into a modern, comfortable, fresh, and interesting living space!

1. Bottle bright

Get your hands on a box of food coloring and add a playful punch to a range of bud vases. Fill recycled bottles, jars, or assorted vases with tinted water—make sure this tint matches with a number of flowers!

What’s more? You can also use affordable supermarket carnations or daisies as white blooms.

2. Repaint bookcases

a designer designs an interior after taking one of the design courses online

Do you have a built-in bookcase? Breathe new life into it by painting it with invigorating spring color. Maybe, complement the bright mint paint by displaying quirky and fun topiaries and tchotchkes!

3. Bundles blooms

If you’re a fan of striking displays, separate a pack of colorful tulips into vintage milk glass or individual bud.

4. Casual display

Bring the outdoors to your table by using cuttings from the garden. Display them in breaker vases.

Looking for a more woodsy touch? Add on a couple of wood features!

5. Decorate with pampas grass

From the interior designers’ homes to the influencer Instagram accounts and low-key boutiques, we’ve seen pampas grass almost everywhere. It doesn’t just align with a neutral, modern color palette but also exudes that signature California-cool vibe—a perfect recipe for great spring décor.

Since it’s a dried floral, there’s literally no maintenance involved (except, of course, the routine tidying up of the surrounding area if it sheds)—that’s all the cherry on top you need.

6. Pops of color

Get some spring-relevant hue and throw in some new vases, blankets, pillows, and catchall trays into the mix. Congrats, you’ve littered your bedroom with colors —and for the better!

7. Creative tulip display

If you want something to perfectly support a collection of colorful tulips, get an antique birdcage. There’s no problem in holding up the top-heavy blossoms—because the crossing wires are there. 

Any container fitting inside the cage will be fine; just add flowers, position it in the center, and fill it up with water. If you intend to disguise the container, tuck in a bit of moss, and you’ll be good!

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