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Rugs That Fit Every Style

a designer matches rugs with the furniture after completing a beginner interior design course

Rugs are an affordable and simple addition to your home that impact your home big time. Rugs don’t just add a layer of texture and visual warmth to your interior design but also keep your feet off the cold floor.

Since they don’t take a lot of time to lay down, you can literally put them wherever you want. Plus, they come in endless styles and colors for every budget.

So whether you’re using a fun rug to add flair to your washroom, a textural jute rug for some aesthetic, or a plush rug to give your bedroom some coziness, you can never go wrong!

Here are some rugs that fit every style.

Tropical-inspired area rug

If you don’t have a preference for an over-the-top themed décor but would still like to give your living room a tropical style touch, try a tropical-inspired rug. Usually, these types of rugs come in big patterns and vibrant colors, and your chair and sofas will find it too much to handle. But don’t worry, they’ll strike the right tone on the floor—and that’s the only thing you want.

Want to go for a pulled-together look? Opt for accent colors from the palette of a rug in artwork and throw pillows!

Bold pattern rug

a designer matches a rug with the furniture after completing a beginner interior design course

Who doesn’t love the clean lines and colorful furniture of mid-century modern décor? With that being said, add vibrant colors through area rugs. Often, colored furniture is the core element of a mid-century style so look for an area rug that has a bold pattern.

Do you want your amazing furniture to stand out? Get your hands on a muted graphic print!

Pink area rug

We get it, you love boho but aren’t sure about painting bright colors, right? Well, just add a vibrant rug, and you’ll be good. Bright colors are never easy on the eye, but when they’re on the floor, it’s a different story. Indulge in a fun hue with a pink area rug. This single perfect item will transform your room instantly, how cool is that?

Dreamy blue rug

Oh, the good old coastal vibes. Do you love them? Bring them to your home then. With a dreamy blue rug and some accessories, creating a beach-inspired living room just got possible. Look for an airy rug with a light, neutral color like white, gray, or beige, coupled with ocean blues.

Florals or soft stripes can offer the perfect pattern for giving your living room a decent makeover!

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