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The Basics of Decorating in Modern Style

A living room decorated in modern style

Often confused with contemporary style, modern décor is based on a movement from the 20th century. Featuring neutral colors and materials, the modern style celebrates simplicity. Today, houses across the world are designed keeping modern style in mind. If you’re looking to change the look of your interior design, here are some basics of modern style to keep in mind:

1. Use Neutral Materials

The Victorian era was all about elaborate wallpapers and murals, but the modernists focused more on the beauty and power of plain, neutral walls. If you’re looking for monochromatic shades, white or grey will be ideal for both the interior and exterior of your home. Some homeowners enjoy the silence and calmness of neutrality, but if you’re looking for a pop of color, you can always hang a modern painting or artwork.

2. Keeps the Lines Simple and Clean

Straight and clean lines are characteristic of modern style. All the furniture should work together to form strong horizontal and vertical lines. Modern décor is also based on functionality, so whatever furniture you choose should also be functional.

3. Reduce Clutter

De-clutter all areas in your space, including the countertops, walls and mantels. Modern décor resonates with the minimalistic idea of “less is more,” so it’s essential to maximize your storage space and keep everything neatly tucked away.

A modern kitchen

4. Use Primary Colors

When it comes to the color scheme, modern décor focused on a primary color scheme such as red, blue, yellow, blue, white and black. These can be added as splashes of color here and there with artwork, rugs, pillows, or decoration pieces.

5. Keep an Open Plan

If your kitchen is designed in modern style, there should be enough room to walk around, and everything should be easily accessible. Remove any unnecessary structures, and ensure airflow throughout the space.

6. Keep In Touch With Technology

When choosing electronics for your house, it’s essential that they, too, work in harmony with the décor. Flat-panel TVs, built-in sound systems and wall mounted computer screens are examples of modern décor technology. 

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