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Making Small Spaces Grand

If you live in a small apartment or home and you want to create a feeling of a bigger room there are several things you can do. Infact, two of the biggest things you can do is create focal points and take advantage of that bring out the ‘wow’ of your room. These two things will give you a bigger look and feel of the smaller rooms.

Home improvement projects

Creating a focal point in a small room is key when you don’t want people noticing how small the room really is. I always say, when you have a specific focus point the room might be more interesting and seem a little bit…bigger.

So, how can you achieve this? You can do this by painting one wall in the room a different or darker colour giving your room an uncluttered gallery effect by the use of a low hanging light fixture and assembling artwork on the wall. This has an opening effect on the room.

Normally, when i use reflecting colours to make a room bigger, I always use things in your home that reflect such as mirrors, furniture, metallic pieces, and things that have a shimmer.

Home improvement projects

When these items are strategically placed throughout the home or the room they give a feeling of light and more space. A mirror can be placed strategically in a room to reflect the outdoors or even a window or a doorway which makes the room appear much larger than it is and it brings in more light.

If you are trying to take the focus from the small size of a room and make it look bigger then I advise you to  take advantage of the use of reflections and creating focal points. Mastering these two techniques can make your home look much bigger. When you live in a very small area like a studio apartment it might seem impossible to decorate and make liveable.

You might have issues with where you are going to put all of your stuff and you also might want the look and feel of different rooms although you are living in one big room. You can achieve these things with a few simple things.

First, when you live in a studio that is one big room for everything you don’t want the place to look the same throughout. You want the feeling of being in different rooms and you want to decorate each of them differently. You can separate rooms by using dividers.

You can find hand carved and decorated dividers that look fantastic in your home. Dividers perfectly separate the rooms the way you want them.

Some people like to use hanging beads or fabric to create a wall to separate the rooms by creating a wall. This can look good also and give you the look of having different rooms in the area although it really is one big room.

When you are in a studio apartment it is also for the place to look nice because you are in such a small space and you need to hide your things. You can find containers that are decorated that allow you to hide your clothes and things in style so the place looks nice and not in disarray.

Many people prefer the designer wicker containers because they are stackable providing for more space and they are reasonably priced.

Adding Style To Your Home On A Budget

There are many ways you can decorate your home when you are on a budget. You don’t have to have a lot of money to make your home look nice and stylish. Many of the things you can do is shop second hand, use family members, finding less than perfect items, and more.

If you are hoping to redecorate your home but you are on a tight budget then don’t worry about hiring someone to come in and help you. This is where your family and friends can come in and assist. You can even hold a party to help you with the efforts

of painting, laying tile, or anything else you have in mind. Friends and family are always willing to come and help with a decoration project and if you provide the food and drinks then they usually will never say no.

When you are on a budget it is hard to find the best and you have to be flexible. You can shop at second hand stores and find really nice furniture, paintings, rugs, and more. If you are willing to shop used it will surprise you some of the neat items you can find at these places that you can use that will make your home look fabulous. You might also want to think about finding less than perfect merchandise.

You can go to furniture stores and find defective furniture that is still brand new for very low prices. Some of the furniture might have a scratch that is barely noticeable at an excellent price. Some of the furniture you cannot even see the defect and it is brand new.

When you are on a budget you have to think cheap. Use your friends and family members to help you and find low cost items that are not so perfect or second hand.

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    February 23, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    Interesting read. I had to repaint my room a brighter colour.


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