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3 Office Designs to Revamp Your Workspace

A well-designed office with flexible workspaces, plants, and natural lighting.

There’s no doubt that a comfortable and visually appealing workplace can affect our mood and behavior. But, did you know that a purposefully designed workspace can boost productivity and affect your business’ success rate?

According to research, employees who are satisfied with their work environment are more likely to be productive, hands-on, and proactive.

If you’re planning to revamp your workplace, here are some office designs to get you started:

1. Sustainable Practices

When choosing a design, it’s essential to keep your company’s value and brand image in mind. If your company is a promoter of change and sustainability, this must show in your workspace. With increasing awareness of our impact on the environment, sustainable offices are becoming a huge trend in 2021. For example, in the Netherlands, an office was built with165,312 screws to help easily disassemble and re-use. Although this might not be practical for all offices, there are tons ton eco-friendly practices you can incorporate in your office design. Use high-efficiency systems, LED lights, natural lighting and ventilation, low-emission materials, and recycled furniture. The main idea is to reduce energy usage and waste.

2. Flexible Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that businesses can operate without a physical office setting. People worldwide have been working remotely for several months, and most have adapted well to this new lifestyle.

If you decide to call your employees back, it’s important to re-think your current design. Instead of designating cubicles or desks and chairs, create a more flexible workspace. Create an open floor plan with bookable rooms, learning pods, meeting areas and task-focused zones. This will give your employees more control over where they work, empower them, and boost their morale, resulting in increased productivity. You can use the Google office design for inspiration!

A well-designed Microsoft office with an open floor plan and smart workspaces.

3. Innovation and Technology

We’ve been relying on technology lately to connect with our clients, employees, and partners from far and wide. An integrated relationship with technology can only propel the efficiency and productivity of your team. A smart space can collect, share and monitor data. Sensors can detect and manage occupancy, natural light levels, air quality, temperature, and much more. 

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