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5 Key Furniture Items for Your Office

A well-designed office with a desk and chair.

Employees are the lifeblood of every business; they spend half of their day working tirelessly in the office, which is why it becomes their second home. The mood, tone, and décor of the workplace affect the productivity, relationships, and morale of the workforce. A smartly designed office doesn’t only boost productivity but also keeps their energy levels at a maximum. Here are some key furniture items to add to your office:

1. Posture Correcting Chairs

Chairs are a staple at every office, but we often fail to realize whether they’re comfortable enough to sit for 9-10 hours straight. Comfort and posture are essential to ensure that your employees aren’t at risk for a spine injury or back pains.

Choose an office chair that provides proper lumbar support at all times. Another factor to keep in mind is hand rest; employees should rest their arms on the chair during breaks. Lastly, choose a breathable material, like mesh. This allows proper ventilation to the back to avoid any skin infections or allergies. 

2. Functional Desks 

Office desks should be an example of prime functionality. They should have space for a computer/laptop, armrest, files, water bottle, and stationery. Choose a size that’s not too small or too big but fits in well in the overall space. 

You can choose simple wooden stained tables to add a modern touch with iron or steel legs. The desk you design should motivate your employees to come to the office every morning and work harder and smarter.

3. Storage Cabinets

Your employees will carry their bags and necessities along with them to work. It’s important to install spate storage cabinets for their belongings. This not only ensures a clutter-free space but also makes the employees feel like they belong here. Seeing designated cabinets will boost their morale, and their productivity levels will soar. If the space is limited, you can even design small drawers. 

A well-designed break room in an office for employees to de-stress

4. Wall Whiteboard and Markers

A whiteboard is essential for all cubicles and rooms so that deadlines are never missed. You don’t have to install a big size; an A3-sized board will also do the trick. Employees can write their daily goals tick them off as soon as they reach their target. 

5. Snooker Table

Your employees deserve a break after stressful work hours. You can include a room with a snooker table, badminton, a reading corner, or even some beanbags just for them to relax and recharge for the next project. 

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